Concreting Services 

We carry out all types of work, from small domestic to large industrial and agricultural jobs. We focus on providing high-quality workmanship at affordable prices, whilst building strong relationships with customers and suppliers. We can lay and finish concrete to suit any purpose. Some of the projects we undertake include bunkers, slurry lagoons, cattle housing, silage pits, yards, footings, foundations and much more.

The concrete services we offer include:

  • Brushed concrete used typically on external yards and parking areas and creates a subtle non-slip surface.
  • Tamped concrete that is used for a harsh non-slip finish for grip, which is very popular for farm vehicle tracks.
  • Power floated concrete finish a process using mechanical trowels suitable for high foot traffic and forklift areas that would normally be laid in warehouses, MOT centres, showrooms and grainstores etc.
  • Hand trowelled concrete that is typically applied to small areas like garage floors and poured steps.
  • Printed concrete finish a process that involves stamping or rolling mats across the laid area to give an effect ranging from block paving, cobble stones, a wide range of patio slabs and much more which is very popular for driveways.
  • Poured walls we can pour walls to suit many purposes ranging from material storage to wall earth retaining.